Azure Skin Care + Medical Spa


204-6820 188 Street
Surrey, BC V4N 3G6

Open Hours

7 Days a Week


February 20, 2015

At Azure Skin Care you will be welcomed by two wonderful technicians. They are both friendly, knowledgeable and very personable. In my opinion, I found that most spa’s have woman in their early twenties that makes me as a mature woman wonder what possibly they could understand about the skin care needs of a mature woman. Ladies, you are in fora treat. It is a small clinic, but please, do not let that disappoint you. The service that you are about to receive will be top-notch. Under the expert hands of the technicians you are able to relax whilst your skin gets pampered. You will be provided with skin care regime options that would best fit with your skin care needs. Enjoy your treatments !