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Azure Skin Care offers 3 types of spa hair removal options, depending on your personal preference or on the color and quantity of the hair you wish to have removed.

Hair Removal

Azure has recently updated our light-based hair reduction treatments. We now offer top of the line IPL hair reduction treatments with the Venus Versa ™. Unlike laser that targets only one of the wavelengths for melanin, IPL has a small bandwidth of wavelengths that all target melanin, so all the different shades of melanin become targets. This Versa™ targets the melanin in newly awakened hair follicles. The heat created in the follicle by this process, disables the follicle and it will no longer be able to produce a hair. A treatment is quick and easy (though some spots are a little ouchy). Most of our clients require 6 - 10 treatments to see a 95% reduction in their hair growth in the treatment area (95% reduction looks like no hair in that area). Our technicians are well-trained and very experienced. We assess your hair and skin before ever touching you with the Versa ™, so that we can confidently treat many different skin and hair types. Unfortunately, there is no permanent light-based reduction possible for blonde, grey or white hair, as those colours don't have enough melanin for targeting. Pricing is subject to additional charges based on consultation. Prices are averaged only, treatment price may vary with hair density.
Upper Lip50
Upper Lip + Chin75
Full Face125
1/2 Face100
Chin 50
Half Arms120
Full Arms200
Full Back350
Half Back180
Back or Front of Neck65
Full Legs380
Lower Legs200
Upper Legs200
Bikini Line100
Brazilian Bikini150
French Bikini110
Gluteal Cleft60


We offer soft (warm) wax hair removal for women and men (we don't do Brazilian waxes on our male clients). Waxing is a fast and easy way to remove unwanted hair and leave the skin soft and oh-so-smooth. From eyebrows to toe hair, there is no area that our experienced waxer can't reach! While waxing is not a form of permanent hair reduction, the hair will thin and get finer over time.
Full Face 36
Full Face + Brows42
Upper Lip12
Chin 14
Upper Lip and Chin22
Half Arms27
Full Arms39
Upper Legs40
Lower Legs37
Full Legs67
French Bikini38
Half Back35
Full Back60


Electrolysis is a method of permanent hair removal suitable for all hair types including blonde, grey and white hair. Kamal has been an electrolysis technician for over 16 years and is an expert at getting rid of all that unwanted hair! The process itself involves inserting a very fine electrolysis needle into an individual hair follicle and applying a small current of electricity that kills the follicle. Treatments range from 15 minutes (great for newbies and those with very little hair) to an hour long.
15 minutes27
30 minutes45
60 minutes80

Azure Skin Care also offers eyelash and eyebrow tinting, as well as Facials & Microdermabrasion