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Ready to rid yourself of those silly summer choices that had you soaking your face in a little too much sun? Wish to correct years of neglecting your skin? Simply want to refresh your face for fall? We can deliver on all of the above with our Post-Summer Chemical Peel Sale at Azure Spa in Surrey!

Post-Summer Chemical Peel Sale at Azure Spa in Surrey

For the month of September, Azure Spa is offering 25% off our customized peels. That’s amazing savings with amazing healthy skin-revealing results!

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Chemical Peels …are one of Helly’s “quick n dirty” pick me ups for the skin.  Lots of people are afraid of chemical peels because of the old medical peels, that had to be administered by a doctor, needed local anesthetic and required lots of after care, because of the numerous side-effects. While deep dermal medical peels still exist, most people don’t need anything that aggressive in a peel.  Today’s peels are easily tolerated, and a quick clean-up treatment for those with tight schedules. 

At Azure, we offer two types of peels, the classic Jessner Peel adapted by Vivier, and the ProPeel from Dermalogica. We will customize your peel in accordance with the results you wish to see, and how quickly or aggressively you wish to tackle your skin concerns.

The Benefits of a Chemical Peel

Whether choosing our Jessner Peel adapted by Vivier, or our ProPeel from Dermalogica, either one will help to diminish pigmentation, clear up acne, reduce sun damage, unclog pores and smooth out your skin. 

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A light chemical peel improves skin texture and tone and lessens the appearance of fine wrinkles. The results are subtle but increase with repeated treatments.

So whether you’re looking to have a series of peel treatments, or you wish to simply try out one for an end-of-summer refresher; now is the right time to do so to take advantage of our 25% OFF Chemical Peel Sale at Azure Spa in Surrey.

Not looking for a peel but could use some new medical grade spa products? This month we are also offering our entire lineup of Endor products at 10% OFF!

Whichever service you may be looking for, feel free to call, click or come by to chat about what you are looking to achieve with your skin.

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