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As a boutique Surrey spa, our mission is to provide the best customer service, treatments and products to our clients.  Whether it is the type of wax we use, or the products we choose for a facial; thought and care are at the heart of what we do.

We make an effort to keep our prices affordable for most people, rather than try to be an elite spa – we strive to be genuine and relatable to our clients.

We continue to educate ourselves on the latest and greatest in our industry, so that even if we don’t provide the service or product ourselves, we can help our clients make the best choice for themselves. 

In an industry that evolves and changes directions rapidly, education is extremely important. Which is why we feel it is important to educate our reading audience on our top Surrey spa services, and help you make an informed decision before visiting our spa!


There are a million waxes out there, hard waxes, soft waxes, resinous and non-resinous.   In a wax bar that does nothing but waxing, all types of wax should be available.    Kamal figured out by trial and error, that using a soft wax (one that does not set and requires cotton strips to remove it and the hair), designed for sensitive skins, was the best way to treat all hair types and lengths, and decrease the overall amount of time it takes to wax an area. It also creates less potential side effects.


Once upon a time, electrolysis was the only permanent hair removal method available.  With the advent of lasers and intense pulsed light, more options became available, but not for everyone.  Individuals with blonde, white, grey or red hair, don’t have enough melanin to act as a target for light-based treatments, so really their only option for permanent hair reduction is electrolysis.


Microdermabrasion is a form of exfoliation that uses either crystals like aluminum silicate or special diamond tips to scrape off dead skin and encourage healing and repair.  Most places that offer microdermabrasion use a “one tip fits all” approach, where there is only one type of tip used.  At Azure our microdermabrasion machine is medical grade, which means we can select tips of different sized particles and adjust the settings depending on the area and skin sensitivity of the individual client. 

Silk Peel:

Silk Peel or Dermalinfusion is a personalized form of hydrafacial.  While a hydrafacial itself is a one size fits all 30-minute treatment, that doesn’t address individual skin needs, a silk peel is fully customizable and has the added benefit of an additional mini-facial built into it.  Simply put a silk peel is a microdermabrasion happening simultaneously with an infusion of treatment serums into the dermal/epidermal junction where a lot of the important repair functions take place. 

Customized Facials:

Ever been for a facial where you pick what you want from a menu?   Did you know what you were doing when you chose it?   What did you base your choice on?   At Azure, we don’t expect our clients to be experts, even on their own skin.  When you book in for a facial with us, we ask you why you want a facial, what you feel is going on with your skin and what you want your facial to address.  

Teen Facials:

Negotiating the tween and teen years is difficult enough, add to that the stress that breakouts, acne and hormonal changes bring to a teen’s life and the potential for a whole lot of pain and mental suffering becomes a real issue.  Teenagers especially, spend a lot of time discussing and researching about skin care with their peers and through social media, both of which are horrible research tools.  At Azure we have lessened the burden on kids and parents by offering teen facials.  

Skin Consultations:

Most of us recognize that we need a dentist, a doctor and even a hair professional, but what about a skin therapist?   The skin is the largest organ, performs a myriad of complex tasks and is very often neglected.  Product selection (for those of us that actually use skin products) is hit and miss, often based on our peers (friends and relatives), pop-ups on social media, or unqualified advice from the make-up counter at drugstores, department stores and Sephora.  At Azure we believe everyone should have a skin therapist, to guide treatment and product choices that improve skin health.

Chemical Peels:

These are one of Helly’s “quick n dirty” pick me ups for the skin.  Lots of people are afraid of chemical peels because of the old medical peels, that had to be administered by a doctor, needed local anesthetic and required lots of after care, because of the numerous side-effects. While deep dermal medical peels still exist, most people don’t need anything that aggressive in a peel.  Today’s peels are easily tolerated, and a quick clean-up treatment for those with tight schedules. 

Product Selection:

Not strictly a service, helping clients make appropriate product selection is an important part of what we do. Unlike most medi-spas, spas and stores like Sephora or the Bay, at Azure, our staff do not work on commission for product sales.   Commission based selling encourages product-pushing and aggressive sales, which many people find off-putting and stressful.  At Azure if we recommend a product or product-type to a client, it is because in our professional opinion the client actually needs it. 

Which is our opportunity to introduce our highly-popular Non-Injectable Filler in Surrey; also referred to as ‘Botox in a Bottle’!

Teoxane Advanced Filler – is the ideal anti-ageing day care: an optimal hydration with key anti-wrinkle ingredients with a specific smoothing and mattifying texture for nourished and firmer skin.

Regular price $160.00 CAD

Teoxane Deep Repair Balm – offers filmogen action that hydrates and strengthens irritated and sensitized skin. The skin is soothed, favouring the return to its natural balance.

Regular price $99.00 CAD

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