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Sometimes the phrase “face peel” can create unpleasant mental images of raw, peeling skin. However, a gentle face peel can actually offer quick results without so much as minor flaking. And at Azure Spa, we take added care to assess your skin, and replenish it with nourishing serums following your treatment to ensure your skin is in optimal condition when you leave our care.

The Benefits of a ProPeel from Azure

At Azure Spa, we offer the Elizabeth Arden ProPeel, which helps to correct your skins imperfections from the ravages of daily exposure to the elements, or the increase in sun exposure you may have had over the summer, or just to help your skin maintain a healthy glow overall.

Unlike a Microdermabrasion Treatment – which Azure also offers, a face peel goes beyond the surface layer, and gets down into additional layers to bring up the underlying discolouration and pigment concerns, helping the skin to correct itself from the inside out.

Unlike harsh medical peel procedures, a spa peel is a gentle process that allows you to continue with your daily routine without any noticeable concerns, other than a slight flaking of the skin as mentioned, while still helping your neck and face to achieve a subtle resurfacing that offers residual effects.

There is no need to go into the city for increased cost and inconvenience, when our local boutique spa offers the same high-end, results-driven treatments as other spas do. In addition, our personalized service will be recognized right away, as our skin assessment experts offer you dietary tips, skincare management routines, and other such expertise, along with various free trials of in-spa treatments we would love to get you acquainted with!

Our EA ProPeel Treatment is just one of many services we offer within our Clayton Heights spa, and is an excellent way to help you acquire spotless skin for fall.

We look forward to helping to improve your skin, and treating you to the local luxury service you deserve!

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