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It’s true; we can’t stop talking about the benefits of a chemical peel, especially because they are ON SALE NOW at our convenient and comfortable Clayton Heights Spa in Cloverdale! Only $50 per peel when you purchase 3 treatments – regularly $200, on for $150 for the month of April!

Chemical Peel – Quick Facts

A chemical peel facial can help in many areas, from incredible Anti-Aging Benefits, to helping to reduce or Remove Acne Scarring, to assisting your skin in Reacquiring Youthful Radiance, as well as Hydration Therapy for your thirsty face …at Azure Spa + Medical we can help you in all these areas and more, and will uncover which chemical treatment and after-treatment will be best for your skin!

Chemical Peel – Facial Facts

There are different levels to a chemical peel, each helping you to arrive at the results required for your skin concerns, type, and desired outcome.

Light Chemical Peel

A light chemical peel deals with the intra-epidermal layer of skin, which is the outer most layer. This type of peel clears and exfoliates the skin gently, while helping to address acne scarring, minimize pores and address hyper-pigmentation. A series of 3-6 peels – depending on your skin type and skin concerns, will offer you amazing, noticeable and lasting results!

Medium Chemical Peel

This is a deeper chemical peel delivering more dramatic results. You will notice tightness and flaking for a few days following such a peel, and sunlight should be avoided, with plenty of sunscreen being applied to protect your new skin.

Deep Chemical Peel

The deepest chemical treatment delves into your reticular dermal level and is used to address deep wrinkles, but such a treatment will require actual downtime from both work and play. This type of peel is something you will want to discuss with one of our professionals who can better inform you of the pros and cons of such a peel.

A light peel is the most common chemical peel offered at Azure Spa, and delivers beautiful results well worth the $50 per treatment being offered now. It is a facial with results far beyond clean skin, and one we feel you will be thrilled with!

So take advantage of all the benefits a chemical peel has to offer at this amazing price, and have fresher, younger, smoother looking skin for spring!

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