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With school back in session, kids of all ages are both excited and nervous for what awaits them in the year ahead. Teens have an especially challenging time moving from their carefree childhood years into “adult training”, and with the various stresses and hormone changes – so too comes skin concerns. Which is why Azure Spa would like to share our thoughts on ‘The Outer AND Inner Benefits of a Teen Facial!’.

Clogged Pores …and more

Clogged pores are a common occurrence in teens, and as such – breakouts and acne can begin to become a problem. Whether struggling with school and sport schedules and the stress that comes with, or simply being put through the rigors of teenage hormones, breakouts can easily become an issue; one that you will want to help your teen manage quickly.

Taking Time for Skincare

Despite their busy schedule, it is important that you help your teen make time for self-care, which includes skincare. One of the best ways you can do this, is by having them visit a professional who can assess their skin, getting them into the right skincare line quickly before problems occur.

In addition, if they already are experiencing acne breakouts, this is an area that can be prevented here at our Clayton Heights Spa as well, assisting in the maintenance of their self-esteem before that becomes an issue.

The Overall Benefits of a Teen Facial

Having your teen stop by for a facial will allow Azure Spa to assess their skin type, offer suggestions on skincare solutions, provide information on diet and care that will assist then through these years, as well as provide assistance with acne concerns.

As well, by treating your teen to a facial early into their pre-adult years, it will help them get a head start on caring for themselves in the proper way, feel more confident by ensuring their skin is at it’s best, and create a glowing appearance that will also aid in their inner sense of self-assurance.

Whether your teen is suffering from self-esteem issues due to acne prone skin, or you simply want an outside influencer to help them get a head start on their skincare – Azure Spa is here to help!

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