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Treating your acne with intense pulse light is an effective way to get a handle on inflammatory acne, as well as correct previous scarring caused by acne. Not only do IPL treatments offer the ability to clear up your skin of such past scarring, it also aids in the overall healthy appearance of your skin – regaining the clear complexion everyone strives for!

IPL Treatments Explained
An IPL treatment delivers short pulses of intense light into the skin, with specific wavelengths targeting bacteria to treat acne-prone skin, as well as tackling inflamed glands that are contributors to breakouts.

This infiltration of light energy selectively destroys pigment cells and capillary veins, leaving your skin the perfect shade of clear, with short 20-30 minute sessions over the course of 3 treatments usually being all your need to get there!

The Benefits of IPL Treatments
Because IPL treatments help both the texture as well as the colour of your skin, it does more than just fade away acne concerns; it truly delivers beautiful skin for any skin type.

That being said, acne can often lead to scarring of the skin and an uneven pigment distribution, creating dark or red spots, which can be cleared up with the intense light pulse system – offering you a uniform complexion very quickly.

The Non-Invasive Nature of IPL Treatments
IPL treatments are truly non-invasive and require no down time. With very little discomfort involved throughout the treatment, and maximum results being seen in as few as 3 treatments, our IPL Treatments at our Cloverdale Spa are truly revolutionary, and deliver “big city” results in a boutique style, conveniently located spa right here in the backyard of Clayton Heights!

No matter if you currently have acne-prone skin, still have the scars from acne breakouts from your youth, or simply desire a more even skin tone and clear complexion – our IPL Treatments are ON SALE and ready for you to uncover just how beautiful your skin can be!

Call to book your Versa Acne IPL 3 Treatment Face Package for ONLY $450 for the month of March, Regular $600!

We look forward to serving you soon…

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