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Azure Spa is offering a July Vivier Product Special to help our customers begin their journey with quality skincare!

Understanding the Benefits of Quality Skincare

Vivier is a skincare brand that offers a range of products designed to improve and maintain the health and appearance of the skin. Here are some potential benefits of using Vivier skincare:

  1. High-quality ingredients: The brand is known for using pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, which are often more potent and reliable compared to lower-quality alternatives.
  2. Advanced formulations: Vivier skincare incorporates advanced formulations that combine multiple active ingredients to target specific skin concerns.
  3. Skin rejuvenation: Many of these products are focused on promoting skin rejuvenation, helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots.
  4. Even skin tone: Vivier offers products that can help improve uneven skin tone and discoloration.
  5. Hydration and moisture: This skincare also includes moisturizers and hydrating products that can help replenish and retain moisture in the skin.

Vivier is also the product that offers something we like to call ‘Botox in a bottle’. Ask us about it!

July Vivier Product Special

As discussed on our newsletter…

This month our product special is 10% off Vivier Products.  Vivier is a proudly Canadian company.  Their specialty is pharmaceutical grade Vitamin C based products (pharmaceutical grade products are the highest quality).  As well as an amazing range of Vitamin C serums, including one with hydroquinone for ultimate skin brightening and pigment control, another for radiance that also helps with breakouts and Helly’s favourite with collagen building peptides, they are also the company that produces Ultimage.  Ultimage is an amazing hyaluronic acid that smooths lines caused by muscle movement – Helly calls it Botox in a Bottle.   For those of you struggling to control and reduce hyperpigmentation, melasma and uneven pigmentation, they have an amazing kit that helps to fade and control pigmentation – amazing for melanin-rich skins that cannot have light-based pigment reduction treatments.  They also have a great range of sun protection lotions, including physical screens.  Treat yourself to a little Canadian magic this month.

Ready to invest in quality skincare? Stop by Azure Spa for a FREE skincare assessment, and allow us to introduce you to our July Vivier Product Special!

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