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We know. We’ve talking a lot about dry skin lately, but that’s simply because it is the most common skin problem we hear about at the end of winter moving into spring. So we’re here to help you solve it with these ‘Top 5 Changes to Sooth Dry Skin’!

Although we’ve mentioned it before, we’ll mention it again; keeping the same skincare routine each season will not a happy face make. Without a change in your skincare routine your skin will begin to become noticeably dry and appear more wrinkled. Or, the reverse may happen as you try to lather on too much/the wrong kind of moisturizer leading to oily skin, leading to breakouts, and a number of other skincare related issues. So here are some steps in the right directions to solve both concerns…

  1. Turn down the temperature in the shower. Despite enjoying a nice hot shower on a cold day, this act alone is parching your skin. So keep it to a warm flow, and watch your glow improve.
  2. Allow the steam to rise. Even a warm shower will bring about some nice steam in a cold room – which is great for opening up those pores and helping your skin to breathe. So close the bathroom door and hold off on the fan until after your shower for maximum benefits
  3. Wash your skin with a fragrance-free line. If your skin tends to be highly dry and/or sensitive, keeping it clean and moisturized with a fragrance-free line is an important step to helping you regain healthy skin.
  4. Moisturize immediately. Moisturizing your face right after a steamy shower will help deposit moisture better – although, keep in mind that having the right moisturizer is imperative for this step.
  5. Invest in a serum. A lot of people think of serums as a “specialty non-essential”, but serums can actually be the catalyst for moisturizers, and sometimes even replace them. Which is something we would be happy to explain during a FREE skin analysis at Azure Spa!

Aside from your skincare, the air in your home is also an important factor, so implementing a small humidifier can greatly help with the air quality and air moisture in your home, and is worth looking into.

At Azure Spa, we would love to help you regain or maintain your skin’s glow for spring, and look forward to doing so soon!

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