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Winter can turn your usually smooth skin into a ruddy dry disaster, so knowing how to combat that can mean the difference between maintaining your flawless skin – or struggling with the elements all winter long.

We offer a wide variety of treatments, whether you are looking to slow down the effects of age on your skin, reverse the signs of aging, address seasonal skin, or a variety of other spa treatments – we’re here to help!

So What Can You Do About Winter Skin?
At Azure Spa + Medical, we believe that prevention is key, and regular maintenance including: customized facials, skincare products such as our Obagi Medical Products or Dermalogica Skin Care Systems, microdermabrasion treatments (on sale now!), chemical peels, Botox, fillers or IPL Treatments – can all aid in the maintenance and renewal of your skin.

Drink Up!
Water is perhaps the actual fountain of youth, and can help your skin stay hydrated, plump and happy. It is likely one of your most important skin-renewal sources you can consume, so drink up and watch your skin transform quickly.

Sip It!
Did you know green tea has anti-inflammatory properties that can sooth and smooth red blotchy skin? It does …and it is even known to combat wrinkles due to its ability to prevent collagen destruction, as well as reduce sun-induced DNA damage in the skin.

Stress is a sneaky wrinkle creator, impacting not only your insides, but your skin as well. Stress causes the production of cortisol – a hormone that can make your skin oily and decrease its ability to fight off bacteria. So although stress can sneak up on the best of us …try to breathe through it, it is a surprising way to ward off it’s nasty affects.

At Azure Skin Care, we are here to help your skin survive the winter from the inside out. So call or stop by any time for a consultation, a quick hello, or any number of our specialty Surrey spa treatments. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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