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Everyone’s skin is different. Some people have oily skin, and some have dry skin, some have combo skin or sensitive skin or weathered skin. So why do most spas treat us all the same, with just one facial offered to all their clientele? Your skin is unique, and the treatment you get for your skin should be too. At Azure Skin Care, we never take the “one size fits all” approach to skincare. When our clients come in for a facial, we sit down with them and do an in-depth skin analysis. The products we select are tailored to their skin needs, and we make recommendations for future skincare and even diet to help them meet their skin goals. Here are the top three reasons why you should treat yourself and get a customized facial.

All Skin Concerns Covered

If you have acne, then your facial is going to be very different from someone who’s main concern is anti-ageing. Using a product that helps someone with acne can actually damage someone else’s skin if they are not experiencing the same problems. This is why customized facials are so important. They target the exact issues that you have, and so nothing that will harm your skin type will end up in the facial. An excellent example of this is a facial for someone who has rosacea. The products used in this facial would need to be very gentle and would be missing things is necessary for a facial focused on acne treatment or blackhead removal.

Too Gentle

Sometimes, facials that are targeted to all skin types end up being too gentle. Rather than doing anything at all, they are inherently relaxing face massages that do not end up targeting any issues that you have. While relaxing face massage is part of an excellent facial, as it helps to increase blood flow which brings more oxygen to the area and can help fight signs of ageing, it should not be the only part of a facial. While certain skin types and conditions demand gentle cleansers, they are too gentle for other skin types and are wasted on them.


When you get a standard facial, you are not learning what tips, tricks, and products will work for you and your skin type. There will still be some benefit, but you will not have the opportunity to learn anything or find products that are made for you. With a custom facial, your spa specialist will teach you about products and treatments that will help you with your particular needs. Education is an essential part of skincare. You do not want to be using products that do nothing to help your skin or that harm them.

Custom Results at Azure Skin Care in Surrey

If you are looking for any type of spa treatment, then you need to come into Azure Skin Care. We specialize in skin treatments, massage, and so much more. Our massage spa staff are all trained to help you relax and destress through relaxation massage, and our team that performs facials take great care in delivering customized treatments to every person who comes in our door. Contact us today and book your spa getaway!

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