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Water is the wellspring from which all your bodily functions flow. From digestion to circulation to brain function to the state of your skin …it is all largely connected to the amount of water you drink on a daily basis.

Sure, we have all heard about the radiant results of drinking adequate amounts of water, but what truth does this really hold?

The truth is, the skin is an organ made up of cells, and skin cells – just like all other cells in the body – are comprised of water. This organ would not be able to function properly without sufficient amounts of water. Which is the short version of the full truth that – yes, water can and does help with the appearance of your skin.

But does this mean your skin will look better with more water?

Hydration is an important part in your skin looking, well – well hydrated. Dry skin is tight skin, and can appear parched and dull – making it appear older and causing it to be more susceptible to wrinkling.

Secondly, because all the other parts of your body also require water, your skin it the last to be offered a quenching. So by drinking more water, it can in fact make you skin appear better, as it is hydrating it in a way that perhaps lesser amounts of water were not.

So how do you “add” water to the skin?

Moisturizer applied within a couple minutes of leaving the shower or bath can help the skin absorb it better, as your skin is still porous allowing for more absorption.

Also, consider applying hyaluronic acid prior to your moisturizer. Hyaluronic acid holds 1,000x its own weight in water, creating a massive benefit in moisture absorption – especially as it pertains to your face and neck.

The benefits of drinking additional water, beyond your 8 glasses a day, can only be of benefit. This additional water consumption will flush the system of toxins, revive your cells, and renew your skin.

At Azure Skin Care, we are happy to provide you with many spa treatments at our conveniently located Cloverdale Spa location. We offer effective treatments at affordable prices, providing you with noticeable results. Allow us to help you maintain your youthful glow …whether courtesy of a spa treatment, or based on our at-home advice!

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