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Skin problems are always tough to deal with. From the general annoyance of a pimple or two, to the self-esteem damaging affects acne can often have on people, finding immediate and lasting skin improvement solution can often prove difficult.

Whether you have suffered from acne in your youth and it has left you with scarring on your face or back, or you are dealing with adult onset acne, we have multiple ways of addressing your skin concerns, getting to the root of the problem, and dissolving your condition and scars too.

The Wondering Workings of Venus Viva

This revolutionary skin improvement system has proven itself repeatedly in the marketplace. From skin tightening, to improved skin texture, to wrinkle reduction, to scar minimization …all with NO SURGERY OR DOWNTIME REQUIRED!

People from all walks of life are opting for more natural ways to arrive at optimal health, and the health of their skin is no exception. Going “under the knife” for an invasive facelift is both painful as well as costly. In addition, the results often appear “tight”, giving your face a look of being altered, instead of refreshed.

With Venus Viva, a NanoFractional RF SmartScan Technology and Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields are combined to get to the layers that matter, without any discomfort – yet all the benefits of younger, fresher, smoother looking skin.

Venus Viva – Offers Full Rejuvenation

Using a two-tiered treatment program, we can have you leaving our spa with immediate improvements to the texture of your skin, having tightening effects that are quick and apparent, as well as correct your pigment, rosacea and acne scaring.

Venus Viva – Good For All Skin Types

Not all technology and treatments are created equal, but with Venus Viva – it does not discriminate! No matter your skin type, it acts just as safely and effectively one to the other.

So whether you want to reduce wrinkles, remove scarring, or rid your skin of other “blemishes”, stop by our spa for a FREE DEMO, then take advantage of our 10% OFF PROMOTION for the month of February!

At Azure Spa + Medical, we are here to help you arrive at the best skin solutions for you, and can answer any additional questions you might have regarding Venus Viva, or any of our other services …and look forward to doing so!

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