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We all want a clean slate when it comes to a new year; cleaning up our lifestyle and habits that come along with it. But what if you could also ‘clean up’ your skin in 2018? Azure Spa is here to tell you – you can! Allow us to explain to you how you can ‘Uncover Acne-Free Skin for the New Year’, and make 2018 a radiant one!

Milk Might Not Do a Body Good

When it comes to your skin, milk (especially of the skim variety) is apparently not ideal for your skin. If you tend to be a dairy drinker, perhaps consider going tropical, and trading the cow in for coconut milk. Excellent fats for the body, and great for the skin too!

Sugar – and Aging Downer for Your Skin

Did you know that sugar could create a hormonal imbalance leading to acne breakouts? That being said, let’s face it – no one’s life is enjoyable with a sugar-free diet, but a sugar-reduced diet is both doable and helpful for your skin and body alike!

Spa Treatments – Worth Investing In

Whether it’s a relaxing massage to reduce your stress that causes the creation of cortisol, that – in turn, causes the increase of oil gland production, or a Versa IPL Treatment …Azure Spa can help you achieve optimal skin from the inside out.

Our Versa IPL Treatments is a noninvasive 20 minutes treatment that can truly tackle acne at its source and offers noticeable results in as little as 1-2 treatments. It is safe, effective and delivers powerful results for all skin types.

If you are looking to uncover acne-free skin for the New Year, Azure Spa in Surrey would be thrilled to help you. Give us a call at 604-575-3326, or stop by for a visit at our location – we would love to see you and explain further how our boutique spa in Clayton Heights can help!