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There tends to be a negative emphasis aligned with birthday cakes depending on the number of candles it holds. Whether it’s due to “failing” to arrive at the love+marriage+baby carriage benchmark, or having the thought that you’re too old to go back to school and start a new career, or you simply don’t enjoy the thought of aging in general – age tends to carry a lot of unnecessary weight in our North American culture.

Even though we are living longer and healthier today than any other time in recorded history, our quality of life is suffering due to our thoughts of how life “should” be. So how can we combat this negative stance and turn 40 into 20 again?

Agelessness Requires a Healthy Happy You
There is nothing wrong with wanting to stay healthy and look youthful, the problems that arise are when we conclude that we have missed a chance or are failing because we haven’t arrived at “such and such” a benchmark. A large part of agelessness is about mindset and how you view life …perspective is reality.

‘Benchmarks’ Are for Sweaty Athletes
One person’s finish line is another person’s starting point, so we need to stop comparing ourselves to others and start inventing our own identity, in terms of what makes US happy, without attaching our life choices to other peoples’ ideologies.

Biology of Age – Truth vs. Fiction
As we age, some of us tend to panic at the biological ramifications of aging. The truth is, is that there are 25 year olds with physical conditions and chronic illnesses, and there are 60 year olds running marathons. Despite your gene pool playing a role in your biological makeup, the fact remains that YOU largely dictate your health and quality of life.

Creating our own personal experiences and version of life doesn’t have to look anything like anyone else’s. So don’t forget that.

The Beauty of Age and Why It Shouldn’t Be ‘Defied’
There is a lot to be said for aging graciously, and although at Azure Spa we offer amazing anti-aging treatments that can help our clients maintain, regain and even diminish the signs of aging, these treatments do not alter or ‘defy’ the beauty of your face, but rather tackle the elements that make us age. Because beauty truly comes from within and age is truly a number …if you can embrace those two thoughts, you have arrived at making 40 the new 20.

Come celebrate your next birthday with an Azure Spa treatment – and allow us to show you how beautifully radiant you can be at any age!

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