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Acne can be the cause of many concerns. From a general desire for clear skin, to it actually having an affect on ones self-esteem, acne can be both problematic and crippling. But there are ways to tackle it, and Azure Spa wants to help our reading audience understand that with these ‘Top Tips on How To Clear Up Your Acne’!

Strange But True – Skim Milk Can Cause Inflammation
Proteins in skim milk can actually cause inflamation in your skin. So if you like your milk on the “fat free” side of the farm fence, perhaps opt for a nut or coconut milk instead to keep inflammation and breakouts to a minimum.

Probiotics Are Not Problematic
Despite the skim milk issue, probiotics found in such things as yogurt, kombucha, miso soup etc, can actually help your gut – balancing it out and aiding in the health of your skin. Healthy bacteria = healthy skin. Who knew?!

Slim Down On the Sugar
A diet high in sugar means that your insulin will also be high, causing hormonal factors leading to acne. Give it a try, cut back on your sugar intake for about 3 weeks and see the difference it makes to your skin.

A high stress lifestyle can also lead to breakouts, as cortisol increases oil gland production. Although it’s easier said than done, relaxing is a healthy part of keeping your mind, body and skin healthy. So take time for downtime activities such a massage – (skin) doctor’s orders!

Undergo Versa IPL Treatments
Our Versa IPL Treatments offer noninvasive, 20 minutes treatments that can truly tackle acne at its source, and offers noticeable results in as little as 1-2 treatments. It is safe, effective and delivers powerful results for all skin types.

If you are looking to address your acne scars, or your teenager is hoping to find a way to tackle their concerning acne, Azure Spa in Surrey would be thrilled to help you uncover the cost-effective and lifestyle enhancing treatments of our Venus Versa technology.

For the month of February, when you buy Venus IPL Treatments in our 3-treatment package pricing, you will receive:
Venus IPL Face Treatments for $150 per treatment!
Venus IPL Face + Neck for $200 per treatment!
Venus IPL Face + Neck + Chest for $300 per treatment!

So give us a call at 604-575-3326 and allow us to help you achieve optimal skin quickly!

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