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As your Surrey specialist in “everything spa”, we have heard a lot of skincare myths over the years and wanted to take the opportunity to discuss and debunk them for our clients and reading audience alike.

So without further ado …let’s discuss!

Tanning Booths Can Clear Up Skin

Although this is not a myth per se, it is an unfortunate truth. Any type of heat has the ability to dry up your skin, and therefore minimize oily skin and breakouts caused by that factor. However, the negative effects, including premature aging and skin cancer, are not worth these types of benefits, and you can acquire such benefits by other means …even as simply as using the right toner on your skin. So don’t subject your skin to tanning booths merely to clear it up, allow us to help!

Higher SPF = Better Protection

SPF refers to the amount of protection from UVB rays and subsequent sunburns, but they often do not protect you from UVA rays unless specified. That being said, an SPF of 15 is always sufficient, and anything beyond that tends to go “unused” by your skin. In addition, for UVA protection, look for an SPF lotion that contains mexoryl, oxybenzone or avobenzone.

Popping Pimples Will Not Clear Your Skin More Quickly

Squeezing your pimples can cause scarring to your face, as well as cause the pus to penetrate more deeply into the skin and cause inflammation. If you are experiencing frequent breakouts, stop by our spa for a skin assessment, or consider booking a facial to get your skin back on track.

Expensive Skincare = Better Skincare

The right product combination can work just as effectively as a high-priced brand name. Knowing which products are right for your skin type is a paramount part in gaining good skin, so again – feel free to visit us for an assessment.

These are just a smattering of the myths we hear regularly, but we would be happy to put any of your questions or concerns to rest in addition to these. So feel free to call, email, or stop by for a friendly chat …we would love to help!

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