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Spa massage isn’t simply a “relaxing good time”, it also provides physical benefits beyond the relaxing and calming charms of such a spa treatment, and at Azure Spa + Medical – we’re here to help explain the Top Physical Improvements of Spa Massage!

Spa Massage Improves Posture
A lot of people work in an environment that does not promote correct posture. Whether slouched over a desk all day, or have a career that involves a lot of heavy lifting, or are bent over to help children underfoot; there are a lot of factors as to why you may not be sitting or standing with your best posture in mind.

Which is where spa massage comes in to help “un-tie” you from the effects that poor posture can have on you on a day-to-day basis, shortening muscles and tightening tendons throughout your body, which – when loosened, will allow you to finally sit and stand up straight as your mother always instructed!

Spa Massage Improves Circulation
Your circulatory system plays an important role in your overall health, as it is linked to your cardiovascular and lymphatic system. And because the cardiovascular system is responsible for blood circulation and distributing nutrients and oxygen to your body tissue, it is important that it is able to flow freely at all times.

Spa massage can aid in decreasing stress within your cardiovascular system, and prompt your lymphatic system to drain and better maintain your immune system, helping it to become more efficient and prompt rapid defense against infection and cleaner blood and tissues.

These Top Physical Improvements of Spa Massage alone are well-worth reconsidering spa massage as a helpful way to improve your physical health, and are an excellent reason to try out such a treatment to see what a difference it can make for you!

For the month of August, Azure Spa is offering our one-hour massage for only $75 (Reg. $85), or $65 (Reg. $75) for our VIP client! So take advantage of this great massage offer, and stop by our conveniently located spa in the Clayton Heights area of Cloverdale at #204-6820 188 Street, or call 604-575-3326 or email

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