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Smooth skin is always a beautiful thing to behold, and acquiring it often involves the daily ritual of shaving, the bi-monthly duty of waxing, or the evening duty of scrubbing …but what if you could have smooth, radiant every day, week, month and season of the year? Well, you can …and Azure Spa wants to share with you our ‘Top Laser Treatments to Take Advantage of NOW!’.

Why Winter is the Best Time for Laser Treatments
When to start laser hair removal treatments in Surrey is one of our most common questions. The truth is, is you can start them at any time, but the IDEAL time is winter. This is because your skin is the most “virgin” compared to other seasons due to sun exposure, and your skin having had enough time to return to “base”. As well, it’s an excellent time due to the fact that you can acquire hairlessness by the time shorts weather rolls around!

Laser vein reduction normally takes around 1-3 treatments with our Venus Versa technology, but also delivers best results when skin that has returned to it’s base colour also. So once again, NOW is an excellent time to tackle those veins you want gone!

Venus IPL Treatments offer amazing results in correcting uneven skin texture and tone as well, not only diminishing your spider veins and broken capillaries, but tackling rosacea, addressing fine lines, wrinkles and pores. And with winter being a time when skin is often ravaged by the elements, taking advantage of Venus IPL Treatments at our Surrey Spa can help you not only address these areas, but also have you enjoying a mini-facial in the process to quench your thirsty skin.

Laser procedures can tackle many areas of concern, and help your skin rejuvenate itself, causing new cells to grow and creating beautiful healthy skin to appear.

Whether you are looking for the permanent solution of Laser Hair Removal Treatments in Surrey, or are hoping to address anti-aging skin concerns at our Cloverdale Spa …we would be thrilled to help you uncover the cost-effective and lifestyle enhancing treatments our Venus Versa technology delivers right here in Clayton Heights!

For the month of February, when you buy Venus IPL Treatments in our 3-treatment package pricing, you will receive:
Venus IPL Face Treatments for $150 per treatment!
Venus IPL Face + Neck for $200 per treatment!
Venus IPL Face + Neck + Chest for $300 per treatment!
So give us a call at 604-575-3326 and allow us to help you achieve optimal skin by spring and/or before summer!

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