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At Azure Spa, we pride ourselves in offering some of the best anti-aging treatments in the spa industry, and we wanted to offer our reading audience additional ways to keep your skin looking fresh and ageless on a daily basis.

It often isn’t until one notices the affects of aging that they really start to care for their skin. Whether those are “age” spots, fine lines, crows feet – or other such common aging concern; waiting to this point means additional help will be necessary to reverse these signs, instead of simply trying to stay on top of your skin condition before it becomes a “condition”.

So here’s what you can do to combat, and even reverse the signs of aging…

What Goes In, Must Come Out
Your diet contributes a lot to maintaining younger looking skin, and because the skin is the largest organ in your body – your diet will directly affect how you age in a visible way.

Things you can add to your diet for anti-aging benefits include: Vitamin D supplements (1000 UI’s per day), Omega-3 oils that offer a protective moisture barrier, as well as water water and more water …truly the “fountain of youth”.

Be Sun Smart
You hear it all the time from everywhere, but let us tell you again – sun exposure it the #1 skin ager, damaging your elastin and causing an increased loss of collagen, leading to droopy skin and wrinkles.

So use sunblock religiously, stay out of tanning beds, and find a shady spot at the beach instead of sitting in the sun for hours on end while the kids play.

Invest in Good Skincare
Washing your face regularly is yet another #1 age-defying helpmate, but applying skincare products that truly work is important.

Creams with retinoid in them have the ability to repair your skin, and have the ability to boost collagen production and increase cell turnover while keeping your pores clear and stimulating blood vessels. A topical retinoid cream will combat oil and acne, create smoother looking skin, and offer you a brighter and healthier appearance.

Peels and other type of resurfacing treatments also help to prompt your skin to regenerate, and we offer these types of anti-aging treatments at Azure Spa.

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