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Fabulous fashion is a great addition to have to your overall “look”, but nothing can truly beat radiant skin. Clearly great fashion can be bought, so how do you go about buying or acquiring great skin? Here are a few ideas for you to consider…

DON’T Smoke and DO Use Sunscreen

The studies are out and the results show – smoking ages you far beyond your years. In fact, smoking can cause deep wrinkles to set in as early as 10 years previous to those who do not smoke.

Same goes for tanning. People who sit in the sun or utilize tanning booths are both causing premature aging. Although it will not appear in your younger years, as you get into your late 30s and 40s, your aging will quicken much greater to those around you who have used sunscreen as a way to guard against the ravages of the sun.

Keep Your Skincare Simple

Keeping your skincare routine simple will better ensure you maintain said skincare routine. If you have a 5-step process you need to go through each evening, it is unlikely you will maintain it. So keep it simple, and purchase spa-grade skincare products that can truly make a difference to your skincare routine.

Maintain a Healthy Diet and Regular Exercise

This is an age-old “cure all”, but one that truly holds truth. Regular exercise will stimulate your cells, get your blood circulating, and excrete impurities through sweating in a way that no product can really reproduce.

In addition, a healthy diet is the life source of your skin and energy levels. Lots of locally grown fruits and vegetables, whole grains and plenty of water will feed, nourish and hydrate your skin. All of which will show in the condition of your skin …keeping it clear and ageless.

At Azure Spa + Medical we offer skin care products that will make a noticeable difference to the condition of your skin, and provide you with services that combats aging. Don’t wait to take better care of your skin. Now is the right time and we’re here to help!

So call or come by Azure Skin Care Spa+ Medical located at 204-6820 188 Street in Cloverdale, or call 604-575-3326 or email for more info!

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