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Shaving various body parts is no longer just a woman’s domain, in fact – body builders, swimmers, and many other sports and reasons have caused men to remove their body hair also. So men and women alike can finally agree on one thing … it’s a time-consuming process!

Between the shaving, waxing and tweezing, it simply seems endless, and only offers a temporary solution to the repeat offence of hair growth.

The Modern Advancement of Laser Hair Removal Technology

It’s been a decade or two since technological advancements allowed for the creation of laser hair removal, and it has become the most sought out hair removal system on the market.

The appeal speaks for itself, with its efficiency and long-term results, ridding you of unwanted hair anywhere on the body.

Laser Hair Removal is Quick and Will Save You Time

Roughly 20 minutes is all it takes to address your bikini line or your underarms, so being in and out of a treatment can literally be completed during your lunch break. You can’t even shave your legs in this little of time, between running a bath, lathering them up, and getting going with a razor …so when you think of all the collective time it will save – Laser Hair Removal simply makes sense!

Laser Hair Removal Will Save You Money

Waxing, shaving, waxing, shaving …the routine is endless, and so are the costs involved. Laser hair removal is a “finished product” approach that rids you of body hair permanently, saving your years and years of products and services.

Laser Hair Removal is Aesthetically Pleasing

Ingrown hairs, stubble, and razor burn are not a pleasant sight, which is something you will no longer have to deal with after your laser hair removal treatments are complete – leaving you with smooth, hairless skin for a lifetime!

For the month of March, when you book your laser hair treatment at Azure Spa in the heart of Clayton Heights, you will receive a FREE $50 GIFT CERTIFICATE when booking a full leg treatment, or a FREE $20 GIFT CERTIFICTAE when booking a half leg treatment. If that wasn’t enough …when you buy 3 underarms laser treatments we will laser your Upper Lip for FREE!

So call, click or come by, and we will get you started on a shaver-free, wax-free, hair-free summer!

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