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As the warm outside air begins to turn cool, you are likely seeing some changes to your skin – namely a drying effect. This is very common as the seasons change and our heaters go on, soaking up the moisture in our homes and vehicles, as well as on our skin. Which is why Azure Spa wants to help our reading audience with these ‘Tips on How To Turn Your Summer Skincare Routine Into a Fall Regime’!

Revise Your Cleansing Routine

During the summer months, most people tend to use more deep cleaning cleansers as their skin is often a little more oily due to the weather. However, once the fall hits, you will want to turn your foam and gel cleansers in for a lightweight, lotion-based cleanser that will deposit added moisture into your skin while cleaning.

Azure Spa has many cleansing products to choose from – so feel free to stop by and we can help find you the right one for your skin type!

Drink Up!

Although wine might come to mind with such a title, when we say “drink up!” – we are actually referring to water J Added H20 will help to maintain the moisture of your skin, and keep it from turning into a scaly version of the supple summer skin you just had.

Invest In the Right Toner

Although people often consider toner to be a stripping agent, an alcohol-free version can actually help to hydrate your skin while offering a final step to your cleansing routine.

Revamp Your Moisturizer

Lightweight moisturizers with ample SPF are ideal for the summer, but as we head into fall, a richer daytime SPF moisturizer and a heavier nighttime moisturizer will help to keep you skin hydrated and balanced for the season ahead.

Add Retinol To Your Routine

Retinol based products have blown onto the cosmetic scene, and rightfully so. With retinoid-based products dramatically reducing the appearance of brown spots, fine lines and wrinkles, it is the ideal addition to your skincare routine.

These tips, along with maintaining regular Azure Spa treatments for your microdermabrasion “dead skin scrubs”, will help you keep your skin in beautiful shape for fall …and we look forward to helping you do so!

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