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A New Year is an exciting time to help motivate a lot of people to grow in one area or another, and finding timesaving measures can play a part in ensuring your success with pursuing these new areas of growth. And although it might be a small task to shave, it is also an endless one that finding time for can – on occasion – seem difficult. This is where Azure Spa comes in to help you achieve hairlessness; saving you time, money, and the potential embarrassment of hairy legs on an impromptu “harried” date!

Understanding the Azure Spa Hair Removal Process

At Azure Spa, we feel it is important to have the most current technology available to our clients, and as such – have recently updated our light-based hair reduction treatments, and now offer top of the line IPL hair reduction treatments via Venus Versa.

This advanced technology delivers 95% hair reduction with 30-minute (or less depending on the area) treatment times, with results completed within as little as 3-10 treatments (again, dependant on the area as well as hair type).

How Venus Versa IPL Hair Reduction Treatments Work

Unlike laser that targets only one of the wavelengths for melanin, IPL has a small bandwidth of wavelengths that all target melanin, so all the different shades of melanin become targets.

The Venus Versa technology targets the melanin in newly awakened hair follicles, and the heat created in the follicle by this process disables the follicle, causing it to no longer be able to produce a hair.

We provide a free assessment of your hair and skin before you ever have a treatment, which enables us to accurately implement the Venus Versa settings to create the right results for you.

What Type of Hair Cannot Be Treated?

There is a misconception about “permanent hair removal”, which people should be aware of via other spas that may promise them these types of results. There is actually no permanent light-based reduction possible for blonde, grey or white hair, as those colours do not have enough melanin for targeting. However, Azure Spa would be happy to discuss other solutions for these hair colours.

Interest in hair removal but not sure if you want to commit to the process? For the month of December, you can purchase 3 underarm laser hair treatments for only $150 …regularly over $260. This is a great way to test out our hair laser treatments, and uncover the simple solution that will have you saving precious time in 2018, making way for resolutions we’re here to cheer you on in succeeding at!

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