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With Mother’s Day just around the corner, Azure Spa wanted to take a minute and write about ‘The Timeless Joy of Celebrating Mother’s Day’!

Many people may not know this, but this day has been celebrated since the time of the ancient Greeks and Romans, when – during their spring festival, the Greeks dedicated a day to the maternal goddesses and the Romans dedicated their spring to Cybele – a mother goddess.

Fast forward to when celebrations were going on in the UK, and a tradition known as ‘Mothering Sunday’ on the 4th Sunday of Lent took off in the 1600s – long before this occasion hit the shores of North America not even 100 years ago.

Although, before it made it’s debut here, it had actually died out in England over the 19th century, and was resurrected during World War II by Americans who brought it back to life for commercial reasons in order to benefit from the sales aspect of this sacred holiday …in true capitalism fashion.

Then Julia Ward Howe came onto the scene, making this celebration official in the US in 1872, initially dedicating this day to peace, asking women to rise up against the war at that time. Although initially set on June 2nd, it was shortly after reassigned a May 2nd celebration date thanks to Anna Jarvis.

Although Anna Jarvis never had children herself, she desired to remember her own mother after her death. And as a social worker and activist, she wanted to honour all mothers, living and passed, for the tireless efforts that come with motherhood. So in 1911, Anna laid the way for President Wilson to sign a Joint Resolution, declaring the second Sunday in May to be the official Mother’s Day we know today.

At Azure Spa + Medical, we love a reason to celebrate and pamper those who deserve an extra special day. This year we have created an unforgettable Mother’s Day treat happening on Saturday, May 20th, where we are offering a Spa Day for 6 special ladies including mimosas, tea, chai and coffee, delicious edibles, flowers, a personalized 1 hour facial, a 1 hour relaxing body massage AND 1 hour of reflexology!

Whether joining us for this unbeatable deal, or desire to buy mom a little something to make her feel special on the day of her choosing – we would love to be part of your Mother’s Day surprise, and look forward to doing so!

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