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In the current age of readily available information, we often take it upon ourselves to uncover the “truth” about whatever ails us. But the truth is; not everything that you find on the Internet, or even hear from your friends or family members – is true!

The “Chocolate & Greasy Food” Tale

Your mother, grandmother, and mother before her, all likely told you that chocolate and greasy food will give you pimples. However, the truth is, there is no direct link to food choices such as these, and an increase in breakouts. There is a link to your overall diet and the condition and breakdown of our skin though, so this is not a free license to eat as you please, but more of a debunking of these specific consumables causing your face harm.

The “Higher SPF Means Greater Protection” Tale

Most SPF creams contain chemicals, and thus – the higher the SPF, the higher the chemical content. Whether you have regular skin or sensitive skin, both can be susceptible to the effects of chemicals in your facial creams.

Truth is, an SPF of 45 only offers 2% more protection than an SPF 30, and that same SPF of 30 offers not even 4% more protection than an SPF 15.

So keep your SPF to a simple 15, but be sure to apply sun protection to your face and neck, and even any exposed chest area, daily. This will decrease the aging process year over year.

The “Oily Skin Doesn’t Require Moisturizer” Tale

Oily skin can still benefit from a water-based, oil-free moisturizer. And not using one, would mean you are not giving your face the SPF coverage it needs to maintain the aforementioned anti-aging efforts.

Oily skin does not mean moisturized skin. That is why helping your skin regain a healthy balance with a proper skincare routine – is beneficial.

At Azure Skin Care, we are always on the lookout for the most current and helpful skincare products and advice. We have some amazing skincare products at our conveniently located Cloverdale Spa, which we would love to show you, and explain the many benefits they can offer your skin!

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