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The process of laser hair removal is fairly straightforward, but we wanted to take this opportunity to expand upon the process in order to best prepare clients for such services.

Laser Hair Removal – What to Expect


When you come in for your first laser treatment, it is ideal that you shaved the area receiving laser treatment the night before.


During your laser hair treatment you will wear eye protection in order to ensure your safety, even if the area being treated isn’t in close proximity to your eyes. Every precaution is taken.


Prior to treatment we will place a cold gel pack on the area being treated, helping the laser to both penetrate the skin, and also create a numbing effect for your skin for optimal comfort.


The laser will be adjusted according to your comfort level, and possibly increased with each treatment if we discover the hair being treated is resistant and requires additional energy to remove. But regardless and without fail, we will ensure your comfort takes precedence at all times, while still being efficient and effective with your laser treatments.


After each laser treatment is complete we will book a subsequent treatment, until which time all growth cycles have been addressed, and you are hairless in your area of choosing!

Is Laser Hair Removal Cost Effective?

We have had clients in the past ask us to add up the varying costs of upkeep for their waxing treatments, and/or shaving products etc, to see if laser hair treatments are a cost effective option for them. Every single time we have concluded it is. A lifetime of hairlessness is both convenient, as well – it will save you money!

So feel free to book a consultation, and one of our technicians will be happy to answer any further questions you might have.




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