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Facials are one of our top treatments at Azure Skin Care, as they help to maintain a youthful appearance and healthy glow of your skin, as well as combat the signs and symptoms of aging and dehydrated skin.

We see a lot of our clients come in with questions concerning repeat breakouts, periodic blemishes, and “dead” patches of skin on their face. Often times we inquire into how long they have had their makeup brushes, as this is one of the leading causes of breakouts and patchy skin.
What Are the Effects of an Overused Makeup Brush?
Makeup brushes collect dead skin cells as well as oil off your skin every time you use them. These contaminants collect within the fibers of the brush, and can generate bacteria and other harmful skin irritants that could be causing your breakouts.
How Long Can You Keep a Makeup Brush?
Makeup brushes have a shelf life, and depending on the type of brush, that shelf life will vary. A mineral powder brush, for instance, might not last as long as say – an eye shadow brush. So don’t feel the need to buy an entirely new set of makeup brushes each time one brush is looking dingy.

The general rule of thumb is, purchase a new mineral makeup brush each time you purchase new mineral makeup. This will better ensure you have a bacteria-free brush free of concern, and not add to any current or future skin concerns.
Ways to Extend the Life of Your Makeup Brush
Proper Storage – is one of the ways you can extend the life and healthy status of your makeup brush. Keep it away from the toilet and sink, as hand, toothbrush, and other germs could easily spray in their direction.
Basic Cleaning – you can also actually clean your makeup brushes with makeup cleaner. Although this will not thoroughly clean nor sanitize your brush, it is a good way to keep it in optimal condition for the life of that brush.
At Azure Skin Care, we love helping our clients maintain healthy skin. We offer mineral makeup at our conveniently located Cloverdale Spa, in addition to a variety of services and skincare products to fit every budget, skin type and preference.
So call or stop by any time for a consultation …we would be thrilled to assist you achieve one of the best accessories on the market for spring – flawless skin!

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