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Spa’ing is clearly a made up term, but one we felt was worth making up and spreading!

Spa’ing – Don’t Think of it as a Splurge

Although the spa tends to be an “added splurge” for a lot of individuals, we wanted to present the idea of spa’ing as a regular means of health and vitality. Granted we touched on this topic before, writing about how it was a great way to de-stress among other things, but we wanted to expand on that, and offer up why going to the spa should – in fact – be part of your health budget just as vitamins or a gym membership are.

Spa’ing – the Healing Benefits of Massage

Did you know that studies have shown, regular massages (once a month) are proven to have significant results in terms of a positive impact on any given person’s health? Something about the power of touch that can truly heal the soul, and with it, the mind and body as well.

Massage is also known to improve circulation and prompt cells to regenerate; opening up pores, boosting your immune system, releasing toxins, reducing fatigue, helping aid in your sleep cycle, balancing out emotions, increasing your mood, decreasing your stress, and simply improving your quality of life overall. Substantially!

A shocking 90% of disease and illnesses is stress related, so combating or reducing that stress regularly is an imperative part in ensuring your health.

Little else is more powerful than an endorphin-filled treatment such as a massage, and at Azure Skin Care + Medical, we offer Relaxation Massage. Unlike therapeutic massage that treats ongoing muscle and soft tissue injuries, relaxation massage is about calming and relaxing the mind and body so that it can heal itself. Our clients enjoy a head to toe massage that relaxes all the major muscle groups and areas that “hold stress” such as the shoulders, back, scalp and upper chest.

So call or come by Azure Skin Care Spa + Medical conveniently located in the Clayton Heights area of Surrey, and allow us to help assist you in better health through relaxation massage. And don’t forget to spread the word …Spa’ing is the new ideal health regime!

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