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A spa treatment doesn’t always have to be about the treatment itself, it can be a weekly or monthly experience carved out to reconfigure your “happy”. In fact, a spa treatment can be a reprieve from a lot of life circumstances and include benefits such as…

De-Stress Therapy – after a long day or week at the office, having a spa treatment can help to de-stress your mind, body and spirit. Easing tense muscles and allowing your mind to quiet itself, nearly any spa treatment you choose will have you leaving feeling an overall sense of wellbeing.

An Opportunity to Bond – whether you want to get together with the girls, or make a mother/daughter event out of a spa treatment, going together can be a beautifully bonding experience, and allow time to re-connect. Even if it’s silent time spent together, the quality of that time can exceed the event itself.

In addition, at Azure Spa when you bring a friend – you receive 20% off your treatment. So even more reason to get the girls together!

Spark a Little Romance – there are plenty of creative date ideas if you put your thinking cap on; one of which could be a trip together to the spa. Although many women might think their man wouldn’t be into a spa day as it lacks the “masculine” factor, you would be surprised at how many men actually truly enjoy the spa. So a slight encouragement is really all they need, and it ends up being a win/win for everyone. You both leave refreshed and relaxed, with a side of romance to boot!

The Gym is to the Body, What the Spa is to the Mind – a lot of us participate at our local gym in order to keep our body healthy, but did you know the spa could also be a place to keep your mind in tune? No only is it an ideal location to quiet the mind and center yourself, it is also a place where there is a listening ear ready to “counsel” you in most any area of your choosing. Somehow spa practitioners double as counselors without any outside training in the area …more of a natural skill the client’s get to benefit from.

At Azure Skin Care Spa + Medical
, we are conveniently located in the heart of Clayton Heights at #204 – 6820 188 Street, Surrey. Feel free to pop by or call in to book an appointment, and enjoy one of the many benefits a spa treatment can offer!

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