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Laser hair removal does not seem to be a passing trend. In fact, it has become both increasingly popular, as well as more efficient and painless over the years. Men and women, from a variety of ethnic backgrounds, are investing in the process of laser hair removal as a means to have smooth hairless bodies, as well as save time and money due to the drudgery of shaving.

Granted, removing your hair in such a permanent fashion takes some consideration and commitment, but we have yet to hear of anyone who regrets their hair removal decision. Rather the results are always positive, and our clients are a smooth bunch of smiling customers!

The Cost Effective Nature of Laser Hair Removal

Removing your body hair permanently means that whatever you pay for your procedure – that’s it! There are no more monthly waxing costs or painful procedures to lay through. Gone is the razor burn, waxing appointments, and embarrassing hairy-leg moments, and there is nothing left but free time and smooth sailing.

Less Pain, More Gain

We all know the discomfort of waxing. From full legs to upper or lower back, from bikini to brazilian, waxing is not the most enjoyable spa treatment out there. So trading in these monthly visits for a permanent solution, where the laser pain is often reported as less uncomfortable than the actual waxing pain, simply makes sense to most.

Depending on how sensitive your skin is, and whether or not it is that “time of month”, waxing can be more painful at times than others – and the same goes for laser hair removal.

However, those with sensitive skin will be pleased with permanent hair removal, as they won’t have outbreaks or skin irritation every time they have to shave or wax.

In addition, no more ingrown hairs for men or women of any skin type, because laser hair removal gets rid of the hair at the root permanently. Result – no more ingrown hairs!

At Azure Skin Care Spa + Medical
, we are conveniently located in the heart of Clayton Heights at #204 – 6820 188 Street, Surrey. We offer laser hair removal as well as waxing and electrolysis, and can help you decide on which treatment would be the best hair removal solution for you, achieving hairlessness in whichever capacity you are most comfortable with for 2016!

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