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The term unwanted hair is enough to make many women and men feel highly uncomfortable. Pulling out a stylish pair of shorts or a beautiful dress only to put it back into your closet once you realize that you don’t have enough time to wax, has happened to the best of us. Most of us settle for shaving every morning in the shower only to have the unwanted hair come back the very next day and make our legs and arms extremely prickly.

The good news is there are three tried and tested methods that can significantly reduce our hair growth and leave us feeling smooth for a prolonged period of time. So, let’s count down the hair removing techniques you should try next.


The intense pulse light employs light therapy to remove your hair. IPL treatment emits multiple wavelengths of light that spread out within the skin, unlike laser treatments that have a single wavelength.

The emitted light during the IPL hair reduction treatments targets the pigment in the hair, converting heat that destructs the thriving cells that create hair. A minimum of twelve IPL treatment sessions is necessary to completely eradicate hair growth. This number stems from the logic that in order to eradicate the living cycle of a hair, it needs to be alive and attached to the bulb of growing cells. However, plenty of dead hair remains attached to your skin for approximately three weeks, which means multiple sessions are in order to completely remove all hair cells.


Electrolysis treatment entails applying an electric current into each hair follicle through a needle-shaped electrode with the aim of destroying the root. A number of electrolysis sessions are required to completely eliminate all hair since they may be on varying stages of growth.

Electrolysis can be received by recipients with all types of hair, even the ones that cannot receive laser treatment. Furthermore, electrolysis is more efficient compared to other types of hair removal methods.


Now we arrive at our good old waxing. The majority of people have tried waxing and get the procedure done regularly. Both cold and hot waxing gets rid of our unwanted hair for approximately four to six weeks. The wax is applied onto the skin and removed using a cloth and paper strips.

Waxing has many benefits and is a cheaper solution to get rid of unwanted hair. The method leaves our skin feeling extremely smooth and significantly slows down our hair growth. While shaving can cause cuts, irritations, and infections on our skin, waxing safely removes all hair without leaving any stubble.


Located in the heart of urban Surrey and Langley, BC, Azure Skin Care Spa, and Medical provides both men and women with high-quality hair removal treatments.

In addition to IPL, electrolysis, laser hair removal, and waxing, we also specialize in customized facials, anti-aging, microdermabrasion treatments, chemical peels, tinting, massage, botox, and fillers.

Visit to read about all our services in detail. You may also call to speak with us at 604-575-3326.

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