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After a chemical peel your skin can go through a 1-14 day peeling cycle that you should know is a positive result. The whole idea behind a chemical peel is to have some of the dead, upper layers fall away in order for new skin to be revealed, so peeling = new skin!

Depending on the amount of time and the strength of the chemical peel, will depend on the extent of the peeling and length of time in which your skin will do so. Regardless, it is during this time that extra care and precautions should be taken with moisturizing your skin, and ensuring that sun protection is being used – no matter the season or perceived exposure to the sun.

Chemical Peel Stages

Usually your spa technician will conduct a peel in 3 stages over the course of 3 visits.

The first would include a “superficial peel”, which is a mild peel that qualifies for all skin types, and it will have minimal but still beneficial results without any major discomfort or unsightly peeling post-service.

On your second session a “medium peel” will allow for the solution to penetrate your skin more deeply, causing – what’s known as a “second degree burn” of the skin. Although this might sound alarming, the skin will heel to it’s natural state, and be increasingly clear as well.

The third stage appointment would include a “deep peel”, and it should be noted that darker toned skin is not a good candidate for this procedure, as it will essentially bleach your skin. However, those of the fairer nature will see a clear complexion come through once the skin has healed, and acquire a positive level of anti-aging results as well.

At Azure Skin Care Spa + Medical, we offer customized peels to help you acquire beautiful skin. These series of light chemical peels are a great way to treat acne, dry aging skin, uneven pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles and poor hydration. We take a comprehensive look at your skin, discuss the issues, and select the appropriate peel to help you.

So call or come by to book an appointment for one of our highly beneficial chemical peels, and enjoy this non-invasive anti-aging treatment that delivers results!

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