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Teen skincare has become one of the most popular trends among youth – and rightfully so! It not only helps with their immediate appearance, and self-esteem to go along with it, but it also helps set the tone for years to come.

Azure Spa is here to help with that, offering teen facials, along with tutorials to ensure they walk away with the knowledge they need for ongoing skincare.

How Azure Spa Can Set Your Teen Up for Skincare Success

Here are some reasons why teen skincare is so valuable and worth investing in for your emerging young adult:

An Educational Resource They Might Listen To

Teenagers often experience various skin issues due to hormonal changes, stress, and other factors, and a parent often isn’t “the voice of reason” in such heightening circumstances. Our amazing Helly can help mitigate that, presenting knowledge in a light, fun and informative way!

Building Healthy Habits at a Young Age

Establishing a good skincare routine early in life can lead to healthier skin in the long run – including knowledge on the importance of cleansing, moisturizing, and sun protection, with the right products in place.

Teen Acne Management

Acne is a common concern for many teenagers. Azure Spa offers effective acne treatments to help your teen get their skin back on track, along with recommending suitable products, and providing tips on preventing and treating breakouts.

Product Recommendations

Using the right products is imperative, regardless of your age. And the beauty and skincare industry can be overwhelming, with numerous products available. Azure Spa can help your teen navigate through these options – while also offering them 10% OFF our products when they purchase post-treatment

Other Benefits

  • Self-Confidence and Self-Care …imperative throughout the teen years
  • Peer Support …taking the knowledge they learn and helping their friends in similar ways

Our teen facials and tutorials are here to help promote healthy habits for long-term skin wellness, while offering immediate results!

Teen Skincare in Surrey

As mentioned on our Spa Services page

We take time to ask detailed questions about how our clients take care of their skin and themselves generally, followed by a thorough skin analysis and a conversation with the client about their skin goals. Once we have a good understanding of what is needed, we then select products and treatments to compliment the client’s needs and requirements. We suggest changes lifestyle and skin care that will get our clients closer to their skin goals.

Customized FacialPrice
60 minutes90
90 minutes120
Teen (10-18)55
Spa Skin Consultation25
Medical Spa Consultation50

Curious to know more? Stop by Azure Spa at 204-6820 188 Street in the Clayton Heights community of Surrey, or give us a call at 604.575.3326

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