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At Azure Spa, we are excited to be hosting our annual open house this coming November 30th, 2017. Along with great food, friends and fun, there will also be great deals, demos, and prizes to be won! And during a season where a lot of money is being spent on others, it’s the perfect opportunity to splurge on yourself without feeling guilty.

Bring a Friend & Save 20%

In addition to enjoying a nice evening out, learning about our anti-aging treatments, and giving some of our services or products a try; a spa open house is also a great way to introduce your friends or family to a spa environment, and receive 20% off your next treatment when they book too!

Help Your Teen Tackle Their Acne

Perhaps your teenager has recently been struggling with acne and hesitant to reach out for help, this is a great way to gently expose them to some alternative treatments that can help them clear up their acne – and once again, save money when booking treatments together!

Enjoy a Night Out With Your Significant Other

Finding free date nights is near impossible, which is where convincing your husband that going to a spa open house just might work! Plus, in the process, we will help you convince him of the many benefits you both can receive with regular spa treatments, along with nudging him in the right direction for that Christmas gift you’ve had your eye on. Multiple wins!

Let’s Not Forget the Giveaways

I mean seriously, who doesn’t like free? Whether it’s a free demo or a free takeaway, we have something for everyone …and everyone likes free!

So come join us at our boutique spa in the Clayton Heights community of Cloverdale, and enjoy sharing time with a friend, your teen, your partner, or even a solo experience to uncover what all the rage is behind microdermabrasion, chemical peels, Venus Freeze anti-aging, and a number of other fabulous things to keep you smiling and ageless in 2018!!!

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