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Although the end of summer may have felt lackluster this year, the Lower Mainland has had a nice transition into the fall season with a hefty dose of unseasonal sunshine. But as the warm air has begun to cool, resulting in blasts of heater air at home and in the car – you are likely beginning to see the effects on your skin.

Which is why Azure Spa wanted to provide our reading audience with seasonal skincare tips for fall that can help you combat these changes that come with a colder climate!

Consider Booking a Spa Skincare Analysis
People often think of a trip to the spa as a “splurge”, but just as diet and exercise is importance to our overall health – so too are seasonal trips to the spa in order to take care of the biggest organ in/on your body – your skin.

Booking a facial in order for a spa technician to analyze your skin, might mean the difference between seasonal breakouts and/or speeding up the aging process due to using products that may be parching your skin. Having the proper skincare treatment in place will save you both time, as well as money in the long run.

Be Sure Your Are Using the Right Moisturizer
Your skincare treatment at the spa will also help you uncover which moisturizer is right for you. Just because your skin may be drier during colder seasons, may not mean your skin requires a heavy moisturizer. It might simply mean you need to implement a moisturizer during your sleeping hours, and that you need to change up your usual summer moisturizer for something that can combat the fall elements, or even require a microdermabrasion appointment to slough away dead skin cells and allow your moisturizer to actually penetrate your parched skin.

Inquire About a Oil-Based Scrub
Again, this is something you would want to discuss with your spa specialist, but an oil-based scrub could mean the difference between clear and moisturized skin, and the sudden appearance of fine wrinkles due to dry skin.

Instead of using heavy moisturizers that can clog your skin and create an outbreak, an oil-based scrub might be the perfect solution for your skin type.

Heavy Up on the Hand Cream
Your hands can say a lot about your age, so don’t forego the hand cream as the fall air changes and your skin begins to wrestle with the elements.

You truly can’t go wrong with any hand cream really, but if you are finding your hands aren’t absorbing the cream – consider a microdermabrasion treatment to get rid of the dead skin cells, and make way for the moisturizer to actually absorb into your thirsty skin.

At Azure Spa + Medical we offer a wide variety of specialty services including: chemical peels, Microdermabrasion, Botox, Venus Freeze and other such amazing anti-aging treatments right here in our conveniently located Clayton Heights spa. So call, click, or come by and see what we can do to tackle your seasonal skin, and have you looking flawless for fall!

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