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Aging is truly a beautiful thing and comes with many pleasant realities, but the reality of age spots is that they can add years to your face and prematurely age you. However, there are ways to age with grace and maintain a beautiful skin tone without altering how you look with invasive procedures – and one of those ways is through microdermabrasion treatments!

The Culprit Behind Age Spots
Age spots are sometimes also referred to as liver spots, and form due to hyper pigmentation of the skin – usually caused by (over) exposure to the sun, but are sometimes also a genetic predisposition.

Although not everyone acquires age spots, many are still “victims” of sun exposure and it’s aging effects. From premature aging that include fine lines and wrinkles, to the aforementioned age spots, the sun can take a toll causing visible aging many people wish to reverse.

Which brings us to …Microdermabrasion!
A microdermabrasion treatment uses abrasive material and a vacuum to safely and effectively remove the upper dead skin layer of skin. At Azure Skin Care Spa + Medical we use the Pristine Microdermabrasion System to treat our clients, which uses diamond tips to gently scrape the dead skin. The system is fully adjustable to provide the perfect settings for each client, and after the exfoliation an appropriate serum and mask are applied to soothe and replenish the new soft, smooth skin.

Other ways you can help keep age spots at bay is by increasing your antioxidant intake, staying out of the sun – or at the very minimum, ensuring you are utilizing sunscreen and eating a largely raw diet. Your inner health is reflected in your outer appearance, so keep that in mind when considering what to consume on a day-to-day basis.

That being said – for the month of November Azure Spa is offering 3 Microdermabrasion treatments for only $250, which are to be used within a 3 month treatment series …the perfect amount of time to see true results for an amazing price!

Azure Spa is located on the border of Langley in the heart of Clayton Heights, in the community of Cloverdale, and we can be visited at #204 – 6820 188 Street, Surrey.
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