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Despite the use of sunscreen each and every summer, those “summer spots” can still tend to creep up by the end of the season with all the sunshine it contained.

However, there are ways to reverse this seemingly unavoidable damage and bring back glowing youthful skin for fall.

For the month of September, Azure Spa is offering to scrub away the aging effects of the summer sun with 3 EA ProPeels for only $150!

This anti-aging treatment is to be used over the course of 2 months with treatments every 2 weeks, offering you the best results in the quickest timeframe.

The EA ProPeel is an excellent way to correct skin imperfections and remove age spots caused due to sun damage, as well as tackle acne scars and slough away dead skin cells that are making you appear aged, spotted and patchy.

Skin Imperfections Corrected by an EA ProPeel Include…

– Acne scars
– Scaly skin
– Fine lines and wrinkles
– Sun spots
– Irregular skin pigment
– Enlarged pores

Whether you have noticed you face, neck, or upper chest region is starting to look “weathered”, or your skin is just parched and unable to absorb moisturizers as it did before the summer months, an EA ProPeel will immediately offer you results – creating smoother, tighter, cleaner and clearer looking skin with no downtime.

In fact, immediately following you appointment you should notice your skin is fresher, and that any sun damage created is noticeable reduced, along with an increased disappearance of acne scars with each appointment. Also, the benefits of minimizing pores will be recognized, giving your skin texture a brighter, fuller and smoother appearance, prompting collagen and the renewal of skin cells with it.

At Azure Skin Care + Medical, we are a conveniently located Cloverdale spa in the heart of Clayton Heights. We offer many high-end services in a local setting with affordable pricing – so call or click for an appointment today!

Scrub away the aging effects of the summer sun, with 3 EA ProPeels for only $150!
This anti-aging treatment is to be used over the course of 2 months, with treatments every 2 weeks.

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