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A positive human touch can lift ones spirits and release endorphins some people might not be aware of. That is why massage can offer so many benefits to the human spirit as well as the physical body.

A relaxation massage at our Cloverdale spa can help to relax tight muscles, increase your range of motion, improve circulation, and reduce stress. Stress can be a chronic concern leading to other health problems, so by implementing massage, you can greatly reduce your risk of the affects of stress.

Massage Types

Massage is considered a method of alternative medicine, and can range from: Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, sports massage, and reflexology – which deal solely with your feet.

Stress and the Body

Although the sensation of stress can differ from person to person; from body tension to anxiety to panic, stress is not a positive motivator despite it’s “fight or flight” ability to prompt our human minds to tackle what needs to be done. By calming your body and relaxing your mind through massage, breathing, or other techniques, it can help you accomplish what needs to get done in a more clear-minded and calm manner, without negative physical implications.

When our brain detects any kind of stress, our muscles begin to tighten, our heart rate will increase, and our blood pressure will rise. None of which offer anything positive to your physical or mental state.

Azure Spa Massage Methodology

At Azure Skin Care, we provide relaxation massage in order to help calm and relax our clients, assisting the body to release internal stresses and fatigue, and further prompting the body to heal itself.

Our clients enjoy a head to toe massage that relaxes all the major muscle groups and areas that “hold stress” – such as the shoulders, back, scalp and upper chest. After which, they leave our spa feeling renewed and refreshed, allowing for a relaxed and clear mind to move forward with the duties of life.

So call or click to book a massage appointment, and enjoy the stress-reducing benefits of our relaxation massage!

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