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Hoping for a more youthful, rested appearance for 2017? No matter your age, factors such as stress, the environment, diet and sun exposure call all lead to the look of aged skin.

Year after year your skin will change and begin to age as early as your 30’s, which is why Azure Spa wants to help you out with these tips on how to put your best foot forward for 2017!

Take a Look at Your Diet
Younger looking skin starts with what you feed your body. A healthy balanced diet, regular exercise and plenty of water is going to be the first thing you will want to address in putting your best face forward.

What you consume directly effects your skin, and sugar, alcohol and caffeine are all “agers” – and although we would never suggest you cut those out entirely, we do want to encourage you to cut back as best you can on all 3 of these skin game-changers.

Also, consider taking a Vitamin D supplement as well as source out foods or a supplement with Omega-3’s and 6’s.
Plus, the all-important water – there is no such thing as too much!

STOP Tanning!
No seriously. Stop. Sun damage is the #1 source of skin damage, damaging the elastin, as well as contributing to the loss of collagen – both losses being reasons behind sagging and wrinkling skin. Need we say more?

Replenish Your Skin with a Retinoid
One of the best topical creams for repairing aging skin is a retinoid-based cream. The Vitamin A derived compounds found in retinoids are known to boost collagen and replenish cells, along with stimulating blood vessels and unclogging pores – resulting in a refreshed and renewed appearance.

Ideally you will want a doctor prescribed retinoid cream as they are the most effective. These include: tretinoin (Retin-A, Renova, Avita) and tazarotene (Tazorac, Avage).

Over-the-counter products will still have a noticeable effect, so look for skin creams that contain retinol, or retinoic acid – applying at night, as these ingredients will make you sensitive to the sun.

Lastly, use makeup that also regenerates the skin, something which Azure Spa is pleased to offer at our Clayton Heights location. We would love to help you find the right products for you, and explain the anti-aging treatments we offer locally, affordably and without any down-time …ensuring you look your best for 2017 and for years to come!

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