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Technology is continually improving, hosting a variety of benefits for a variety of purposes. From curing diseases, to being able to research reams of content and concerns, to improving cosmetic procedures.

Where once it was increasingly uncomfortable to achieve visible results from an anti-aging or body-slimming procedure, now these same results can be achieved with little to no discomfort at all.

Skin-tightening treatments top the list in the cosmetic surgery industry, and as such, a variety of technology and techniques have been used to try and achieve optimal results.

Venus Freeze is one of technologies created that has succeeded to acquiring beautiful results with non-invasive treatments. From firming, to lifting, to cellulite and wrinkle reduction …Venus Freeze offers benefits that many are lining up for and thrilled to see quick results from.

How Does it Work?

This hand-held device uses radio wave technology to heat the skin, causing the under-layers of tissue to firm and contract, stimulating new collagen and elastin, offering long term results in a short period of time.

Where Does it Work?

Venus Freeze works on all body parts, from the face and neck, to the belly and thighs, helping skin to re-achieve its supple, sag-free appearance, and dimple-free exterior.

How Long Does it Take?

Each area is addressed usually for a half hour, and results can be seen immediately due to temporary swelling. But lasting results are achieved within only a few months of treatments.

What Does it Feel Like?

We would liken Venus Freeze treatments to a hot stone massage. There is no down time or recovery process, and although your skin has a pinkish hue after treatment, this merely looks like a healthy flush.

At Azure Skin Care, we are always on the lookout for the most current and effective anti-aging techniques and products. As such, we are proud to offer the many benefits Venus Freeze provides at our conveniently located Cloverdale Spa.

Call or stop by any time for a consultation on any number of spa treatments, or to take a look at our products. We look forward to helping you maintain or regain beautiful skin – head to toe!

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