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If you have ever seen the robust machinery, which is the “Venus Freeze”, it may appear intimidating to some. However, this gentle giant is far from intrusive in any manner, and feels pretty much like a relaxing facial massage.

Venus Freeze – The Facial Process
Laying down comfortably, your makeup will be removed and a light glycerin gel will be placed on your face in order to maintain your comfort level. This gel is used in order for the heated wand to glide smoothly over you skin, as without it – a sharp tiny shock may occur.

This glycerin gel slides the machine pleasantly over your face, massaging it while addressing areas that need the most attention, while still paying attention to the full face, neck and upper chest overall.

The treatment is timed through the Venus Freeze machine itself, and after the session is complete – no matter which area of your body you have chosen to tackle, you should feel relaxed and refreshed.

You face may appear flushed, but even the most sensitive of skin will not react strongly to the gentle yet effective process of the Venus Freeze treatments, and you should notice some immediate results – including a decrease in creasing and fine lines on your forehead, around your eyes and your smile lines.

Venus Freeze for the Buttocks
If tackling the buttocks, it will take more that 1 treatment to begin noticing a change, but with multiple treatments over a short succession of time, you should be able to see a noticeable difference – one which you may not have been able to acquire through diet and exercise alone.

If you are looking for an effective alternative to invasive BOTOX treatments, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, or other such anti-aging treatments, Venus Freeze is an excellent choice with results you will need to see to believe.

At our Azure Spa conveniently located in Cloverdale, we are proud to offer advanced technology such as the Venus Freeze, often found only in high-end spas within the city, and we are also pleased to offer these treatments at 20% off for the month of July!!!

So call, click or come by to book an appointment, and start your journey to flawless younger looking skin today!

***Take advantage of our complimentary 15-minute treatment and experience what the Venus Legacy can do for you!

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