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Non-invasive methods of achieving agelessness are being sought out more and more. Not only be celebrities, but the general population as a whole.

Venus Freeze is exactly one of those treatments that offers tightening and contouring of the skin, helping you arrive at tighter smoother skin in no time. Whether your skin has simply become tired and needs a pick-me-up, you have pockets of displace fat or cellulite that requires shaping, or your neck is aging you far more than your face …Venus Freeze is a multi-functional system that can help all these areas and more!

Venus Freeze Facelift Facial

Venus Freeze is an excellent way to boost your normal facial routine. By adding heat into your skin with a Venus Freeze treatment, you will leave your anti-aging facial with a softer approach to traditional facelifts – giving you immediately plumper skin due to the stimulation of collagen it promotes.

Some even declare Venus Freeze to be “unbelievable technology”, as it combines a magnetic pulse and radio frequency – both proven to be extremely effective. And although radio frequency is normally known to be quite painful, the magnetic pulse added to the treatment counteracts this.

The radio frequency heats up your skin tissue, stimulating the fibroblast cells responsible for collagen, and the magnetic field keeps the energy directed in the right areas …keeping the procedure painless while still incredibly effective.

In fact, you will leave your treatment more sleepy than stimulated, and most do not see much – if any – redness on their face of body once the treatment is complete. Even if you have sensitive skin, yet another unbelievable feature of this treatment type is that it doesn’t “pester” your skin like most treatments would.

At Azure Skin Care + Medical, we offer treatments that truly work. The cost of our Venus Freeze treatments vary based on the area being treated, as does the treatment time. But we would be happy to discuss this in person or over the phone, and get you in for a treatment that is right for you …providing you with quick results you can see!


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