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Men tend to “furrow and crease” with more of a distinguished appeal than women, but for a lot of men – aging gracefully is as important to them as it is to their female counterparts.

Depending on your lifestyle, there are often many reasons to maintain physical appearance as a man. From business to pleasure, appearing your best as the years progress, is just part and parcel with the maintenance of maturing. Much like the gym or an increased awareness of ones diet, attending to your skin can help you become appropriately distinguished, and not add years to your face unnecessarily.

Male of female, as you age, you begin to produce less collagen due to your cells being less active. As such, our skin begins to get looser and can have a bit of a “sagging” appearance. This is what the aging population is aiming to avoid. The appearance of tired and withered or weathered skin.

How Can Men Age With Distinguished Appeal?

There are a few simple ways to address your aging skin. From cleaning your face, adding in moisturizer, getting sufficient sleep, increasing your water intake, decreasing your alcohol consumption, wearing sunscreen, and, yes – quitting smoking. These steps will help you slow the aging process greatly, and bring new life back to your face …and body for that matter!

Whether you work an office job or toil under the elements, washing your face in the morning and at night is an excellent way to guard against dirt from lodging itself in your pours and creating blackheads. As well, to further promote the anti-aging process, and in order to help prompt clean and healthy skin, consider a Microdermabrasion appointment at our Surrey Spa. It is a great opportunity to renew your skin, and also have a chance to speak to a professional about which products would best suit your skin as a man with different skin texture.

At Azure Skincare, we provide many high-end treatments for both men and women alike, and help you maintain or regain your healthy skin. So stop by for a visit so we can assist you in deciding on the best treatment and skincare plan for you!

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