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Giving the gift of love comes in many forms. From cards to getaways, hugs to huge teddy bears; everyone’s idea of “the gift of love” varies.

At Azure Spa, we like the idea of giving the gift of self-care, and loving yourself with these unbeatable spa deals for February!

The Mental Relief of a Massage

Studies have been conducted on the healing nature of physical touch. Not only is there physical relief that comes with massaging sore back and neck muscles, but also the mental relief that can come with helping someone de-stress from the daily issues of life. A 30-minute massage could make all the difference to your life or the life of someone you know …and for the UNBEATABLE price of a $40 30-Minute Massage for the month of February, it’s a win for everyone!

The Gift of Beautiful Skin

Beautiful skin is something women of all ages aspire to, and men aim to have also. Whether you’re 25 and still struggle with acne, or 45 and are looking for a way to maintain a youthful glow – Azure Spa has treatments for either.

Buy yourself a $30 Express Facial for the month of February, or rediscover glowing skin with a $50 Customized Peel – which also comes with a soothing facial, and help yourself uncover healthy, youthful skin affordably!

The Wonderful World of Waxing

Perhaps this isn’t the most “loving” gift you can give yourself, but there is a lot to be said for feeling smooth and sexy in your “nether regions”. And with a $15 Bikini Wax, we will help get you there!

At Azure Spa + Medical, we are here to help with all your beautification needs, no matter if your teen is struggling to care for their skin, or you simply wish to share a relaxing day at the spa with a loved one – we’re here to help you give the gift that keeps on giving, and looks forward to doing so!

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