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Laser hair removal at Azure Spa is something a lot of people seek out, as they come to realize a permanent solution to ridding themselves of unwanted hair can actually save them money and all kinds of time. Which is why we wanted to remind people to start their laser treatments now to achieve hairless, silky skin for summer!

The Time Consuming Reality of Shaving
Let’s face it, if we want to be silky smooth it actually requires DAILY shaving… but who has the time?! It’s yet another thing to put on a never ending to do list, so being able to strike that off for summer is something well worth considering!

The ‘Adding Up’ Cost of Waxing
At Azure Spa, we are proud to offer regular waxing specials and discounts to our clients, but the truth is – is waxing still adds up month after month, year after year. Whether you are the type to come in for regular brazillian waxes, or enjoy a full leg and underarm wax, such waxing costs will actually add up to savings when you put our laser into action and get rid of your unwanted hair for good!

How Long Until I Receive Silky Hairless Skin?
You can achieve 95% hair reduction with 30-minute laser hair removal treatments in as little as 6-10 treatments, depending on your hair type, growth cycle and area being tackled.

Azure Spa’s Laser Hair Removal Process
At Azure Skin Care Spa + Medical in Cloverdale, we offer the latest medical grade technology for our permanent laser hair reduction treatments, which targets the melanin in newly awakened hair follicles. The heat transferred to the follicle with our laser treatments disables the follicle, which causes it to no longer be able to produce hair growth in that area. Resulting in smooth, hairless skin.

April is a great time to get started on your laser hair removal treatments at our Clayton Heights spa – saving you time, money and making your feel GREAT!

So call or come by and allow us to help you get summer ready skin that will remain as such for years to come. We look forward to serving you…

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