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Whether the storm of winter can be tough on your skin – even in the rainy climate of the Lower Mainland. From the cold air outside, to the dry air inside, your skin is constantly being ravaged by the variances in temperature.

There are ways to guard against this though. Ways to maintain your skin just as beautifully as though you were sunning yourself in a tropical climate (lathered in sunscreen of course!), and here’s how…

Creamy Cleanser

Winter is a good time to invest in a creamy cleaner if you tend to have dry skin. This time of year your skin will become more parched than even, so adding in moisture wherever you can becomes paramount.

However, if you have oily skin, the right foaming cleanser will be moisturizing enough without stripping away essential oils your skin could benefit from. So know your skin type, and use the right moisturizing cleanser accordingly.

Warm Water

Although we all tend to try and get the water as hot as possible to warm ourselves in the bath or shower, this will easily strip away moisture from your skin, and cause you to dry up quickly. So keep the temperature warm, and save your skin from the ravages of hot water.

Moisture Up

Never forego your moisturizer. Whether you have dry skin or oily skin, moisturizers are created and intended for all. It’s an essential hydrating product that will not only sooths, but also protect your skin when you choose one with SPF protection – which you should be doing btw. And for those of you with definite dry skin, use extra moisturizing night cream for additional help in hydrating your skin during your slumber.

Scrub Scrub Scrub

Okay, perhaps that was two too many “scrubs”. You don’t want to strip or damage your skin due to over-scrubbing, but you do want to slough off any dry skin in order for the “alive” skin beneath to be actively quenched with cleansers and moisturizers. So exfoliate once a week for dry skin, and twice a week for oily skin in order to keep you “merry and bright” all winter long.


Making an appointment at the turn of every season to have your skin assessed and addressed, is a great way to keep your skin in optimal condition, and guard against unnecessary aging. Booking a microdermabrasion appointment at our Clayton Heights spa in Cloverdale will help your skin achieve a healthy glow, and ensure it is capable of absorbing the moisture it needs over the winter months.

At Azure Spa we are here to help you keep your skin a beautiful shade of healthy. So call or come by and see what products or service can help you do so this winter!

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