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As a boutique spa in Surrey, Azure loves helping our clients achieve their radiant best selves. Which is why we want to share how you can ‘Improve Your Skin in 2021: Everything You Need to Know to Glow in the New Year’!

Skincare for the Growing Concern of Maskne

Wearing a mask all day is contributing to a whole new skincare concern – ‘maskne’. With the constant rubbing of your mask against your skin’s barrier and microbiome, it is understandably causing skin to react.

Skin irritations can happen from many things, but masks are now a common skin irritant that we are here to help you manage through a variety of skincare treatments as well as products.

Diminish Wrinkles with Silicone Pads

Looking to manage your ‘side sleeping’ chest wrinkles, or improve the appearance of your skin overall? Silicone pads are a quickly emerging secret that has the ability to smooth out your skin and keep it looking fresh with very little effort or cost.

Dermalinfusion Skin Resurfacing: Exfoliation Treatment with Moisture Injections

Winter is a time of dry flakey skin due to cold weather changes outdoors and dry air indoors. This often causes people to scrub away at their skin, trying to rid themselves of the appearance of dry skin. But, oddly enough, this actually adds to the problem. Which is where our Dermalinfusion Skin Resurfacing treatments come in to help gently slough away dry skin, while also injecting your skin with moisture. 

Dermalinfusion Skin Resurfacing is a new addition to our services, and one that our clients are LOVING!

Other tried and true treatments which we know will remain strong in 2021 include: skincarehair removal, anti-aging products (Obagi Medical Products and Dermalogica Skin Care Systems), microdermabrasion treatments, chemical peels and spa essentials to promote a healthier lifestyle throughout the mind, body, and soul. 

Relax and rest assured that our spa professionals at Azure Skin Care Spa + Medical are here to take care of you, helping you achieve your best possible skin, and offer the caring staff with the expertise in order to do so. 

We are excited for a fresh year to come and look forward to hosting our regular clientele, as well as meet some new faces too!

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