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At Azure Spa + Medical, we are well educated in the history and health benefits of going to the spa. Although, it wasn’t always called “the spa”; the word spa comes from the original word “Espa” – meaning spring or fountain. But this abbreviation has not cut any other benefits short!

The Romans Espa

Romans once used the multi-health benefits of mineral baths from spring water, believing that it cured a host of ailments. Whether it was physical or spiritual, they truly believed that the healing spring waters delivered youth, vitality, and wellbeing.

Part folklore part truth, the combination or mineral rich water, relaxation, and the belief of actual healing combined, came together to create the ideal trifecta of results for a lot of Romans – good health, happiness and wellbeing!

The Greeks Espa

The Greeks adopted this Roman tradition, and turned it into a more sophisticated affair, with bathing tubs and basins in which to wash and be washed. They established public bathing within their sporting arenas, both for hygiene as well as personal relaxation.

Hot Springs were also utilized as a sanctuary in which to spa as they are today, and offer a myriad of healing properties for skin concerns such as eczema, emphysema, arthritis and many others.

Turkish Hammams

Turkish Hammams are popular spa treatments still today, offering a social affair for locals and visitors alike. And they take it one step further with all forms of additional cultural events being built around these bathing experiences.

Modern Benefits of a Spa Visit

Studies show that going to the spa is truly beneficial to your wellbeing. From increasing your energy thanks to enforced downtime, body restoration and blood circulation improvements, to bettering your endurance due to increasing the plasma and red blood cells within saunas, to detoxification through massage – stimulating the lymphatic system carrying away waste products within the body, to refining pores and correcting skin conditions, to pain relief and anti-aging …the list goes on and on.

So if you’re looking for an added way in which to increase your health and wellbeing, stop by our boutique Cloverdale spa within the Clayton Heights community. Our spa professionals will have you feeling like the Romans, Greeks and Turkish that came before …rested, restored and looking your best in no time!

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